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Bowie Buffalograss

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Bowie Buffalograss

Bowie Buffalograss: Premium, Turf-Type Buffalograss seed from Native Turf Group. The cutting edge in turfgrass. A long-term solution for Low maintenance areas. From the past for the future. Low maintenance water-conserving, turf-type buffalograss from seed.


  • Excellent Turf Quality
  • High Drought Tolerance
  • Strong Seeding Vigor
  • Fast Establishment From Seed
  • Good Northern Adaptation
  • Wide Range of Soil Adaptation
  • Mixes Well with other Low Maintenance Grasses
  • Economical for Large Areas


Requirements: Grows best in areas receiving at least 6-8 hours direct sunlight pre day. Good soil drainage is essential. Not suited to sandy soils.

Watering: deep soak with no less than one inch a month from July to September for higher maintenance areas, depending on natural precipitation. Soak soil before winter if soil is dry. Occasional or no watering for low maintenance areas.

Establishment: Seeding date – when sustained soil temperature reaches 60 degrees F. Seeding rate- 2-3 lbs seed/1000 sq ft into a firm seed bed. Seeding depth- 0.25-0.50 in. deep. Keep seed moist throughout emergence. Apply 0.75 N/1000 sq ft with starter fertilizer. Weed Control: Plant into a clean seed bed. Keep turf mowed frequently to reduce competition from weeds and encourage the tiller growth and lateral spread of the Buffalograss. Apply BASF DriveR 75 herbicide. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW THE MANUFACTUER’S LABEL.

Fertilizing: First application- 3 weeks after green up. Second application- 8 weeks later. 1 to 3 lbs actual nitrogen/1000 sq ft/season. Less on low maintenance and natural areas. Use higher rates for best quality.

Mowing: 2-4 inches for home lawns. Low maintenance areas may be mowed taller or not at all. Frequency is affected by amount of watering and fertilizer. Avoid removing more than one-third the turf height at any one mowing.

Weed Control: Avoid frequent watering, short mowing and over fertilization. Minimize early season watering. Apply pre-emergent in the spring for grassy weeds. Buffalograss goes dormant in the fall, and breaks dormancy in the spring. Round-up may be applied during this time to control cool-season weeds.

Turfgrass Species: Buffalograss
Fertilization: Low
Evapotranspiration inches/week: 0.8-1.7
Relative water use rate: very low
Mowing: low
Overall: low