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Sharp Bros. Seed Co. 2018 Milo & Corn BrochureSharp Bros. Seed Co. is excited to announce that we will be offering Masters Choice corn Hybrids.  Masters Choice is an independent seed company based out of Anna, Illinois that has focused their research and development on not only grain yield, but also forage quality.  40% of the U.S corn crop is utilized as feed for livestock.

Masters Choice and Sharp Bros. Seed Co. are ready to continue to serve the needs of the forage and livestock industries.

We will be offering MC5790 conventional, MCT6365, MCT6434, and MCT6733 as 107-117 day maturity silage/high moisture varieties.  

For producers who are looking for dryland or irrigated corn for grain, we will be offering SP2703, a 112-day maturity hybrid from Sun Prairie Seeds. 

Here is a quick glance at Masters Choice:

Corn is currently unavailable online, but we would be happy to take your order over the phone (620)398-2231, or you can email us at, and we can give you a call during business hours. Thank you for your patience as we continue to update our new website!


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  • MasterGraze BMR Corn

    MasterGraze BMR Corn

    Sold as 80,000 kernels per bag MasterGraze BMR Top forage quality Harvest as haylage, balage, or grazing Consistent tonnage in a short amount of time due to tillering Silage Yield: 6Milk Per Ton: 9Sugars: 9Fiber Digestibility: 9Grain Yield:...

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  • MC5790 Hybrid Corn

    MC5790 Hybrid Corn

    Sold as 80,000 kernels per bag MC5790 Conventional Corn Great seedling vigor and aggressive early growth Dark green, healthy plant Excellent combination of high yield potential and great feeding qualities Early seedling vigor and leaf structure...

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  • MCT5454 Hybrid Corn

    MCT5454 Hybrid Corn

    MCT5454 VIP3111 Top shelf recommendation for silage and nutritional grain Very good stable yield performance over varied soil types Good agronomics and harvestability Softer grain allows rapid fermentation and quick digestibility Silage Yield:...

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  • MCT6365 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6365 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6365 3122 EZ-Refuge High yielding bushels and silage tonnage for dominant performance Great grain producer for digestible grain Excellent root package contributes to enhanced stress tolerance Very competitive nutritional qualities delivering top...

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  • MCT6434 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6434 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6434 VIP3111 This hybrid handles heat and drought stress very well Tall, showy hybrid Features Agrisure Viptera 3111 trait, which greatly limits above-ground insect feeding in southern environments Good stay green Semi-Floury Texture Silage...

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  • MCT6733 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6733 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6733 3000GT Excellent stay green and a great health package Superior plant health gives hybrid great eye appeal True, full season hybrid that provides premium feeding quality Silage Yield: 8Milk Per Ton: 8Sugars: 8Fiber Digestibility: 8Grain...

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