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Sharp Bros. Seed Co. produces seed for many of the native grass, forb and legume species that are part of the natural landscape from the Atlantic Seaboard, westward through the Rocky Mountains and Great Basin.

Establishing Perennial Species from seed in temperate climates

We specialize in providing many genotypes of these species to best fit the many environments, soil types and establishment conditions that occur throughout this massive geographic area. Nature’s answer to the need for drought tolerance, flooding, soil stabilization and livestock forage are found in the warehouses of Sharp Bros. Seed Co. Healy, Kansas.

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In business since 1958, Sharp Bros. Seed Co. applies decades of experience and an industry leading processing facility in the demanding, specialized work of growing, harvesting, drying and conditioning these native seeds. Their administrative staff provides thorough documentation to meet the needs of conservationists, ranchers and engineers. The Sharp Bros. Seed sales staff has decades of native species experience, including soil stabilization and conservation, seedling establishment, wildlife habitat and pasture establishment. Sharp Bros. Seed Co. is ready to meet your needs for quality seed and quality advice. 

If you aren't sure what type of grass will fit your needs best, give us a call! We can create a specialty mix that fits your needs!

Native Grass

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  • Weeping Lovegrass

    Sold by the PLS pound  Botanical Name: Eragrostis curvula  Weeping lovegrass, is a rapidly growing warm-season bunchgrass that was introduced into the U. S. from East Africa. The many long, narrow leaves emerging from a tight tuft are...

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  • Western Wheatgrass

    Western Wheatgrass

    Sold by the PLS pound Botanical Name: Agropyron smithiiCultivars: Arriba, Barton, Rosanna, Native Western Wheatgrass is a native, cool-season, perennial, sod-forming grass. It reaches a height of 1 to 3 feet, and because of its bluish-colored...

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  • Yellow Indiangrass

    Yellow Indiangrass

    Sold by the PLS pound   Botanical Name: Sorghastrum nutansCultivars: Cheyenne, Nebraska 54, Osage, Oto, Rumsey, Tomahawk, Warrior, Native   Indiangrass is a native, warm season grass of good value as a livestock forage grass...

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