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Lemon Beebalm (Lemon Mint, Lemon Bergamont)

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Lemon Beebalm Purple
Photo Credit: Larry Allain USGS National Wetlands research center

Lemon Mint, also refered to as Lemon Beebalm or Lemon Bergamont, is an annual native across much of North America. Purple flowers attract large numbers of pollinators. Native Habitat: Prairie, Plains, Meadows, Pastures, Savannahs, Hillsides, Slopes 

Height: 12-36 inches
Bloom time: May-July (if watered, will continue flowering through the end of the summer)


Wildlife: Bees and butterflies are attracted to this plant. Nectar source. Deer resistant. 


Easily grown from seed. Spread the seed evenly and rake into loose topsoil in fall or early spring. Supplemental watering is suggested if spring rains are poor. Provide additional water in May if necessary until the plants reach 10 – 12 inches tall. Maintenance: Allow seeds to mature completely (spherical heads become dry and brown) before mowing or cutting down. Since an annual, it is essential this species is allowed to reseed itself for the following year.