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Turf-Type Buffalograss 

Buffalograss is a soft textured, fine leafed sod forming warm season grass which has endured for thousands of years in the harsh climate of the American Great Plains. Buffalograss provides a beautiful turf with unique combination of low maintenance requirements and tolerance to extremes of heat, cold and drought.

Buffalograss hasn't survived thousands of years without developing traits to ensure that it will stick around for years to come. Where irrigation is available a wide window of seeding dates can be used, roughly June through August. After seeding, use irrigation to keep the seed placement zone moist.

Buffalograss seed frequently exhibits uneven germination characteristics with seedlings emerging over a period of 2-3 weeks after the first sprouts have appeared. Presoaking the seeds prior to an irrigated seeding will speed germination and cause much more uniform emergence with most sprouts appearing within 5-6 days after the first sprout has appeared. 



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  • Bowie Buffalograss


    Bowie Buffalograss: Premium, Turf-Type Buffalograss seed from Native Turf Group. The cutting edge in turfgrass. A long-term solution for Low maintenance areas. From the past for the future. Low maintenance water-conserving, turf-type buffalograss...

  • Cody Buffalograss

    Cody Buffalograss

    Cody Buffalograss has outstanding turf density and leaf color. Broadly adapted and a particularly good fit for the central and southern plains. Less Work & More Free Time Less Water Less Fertilizer Less Mowing Resist Stress From Extreme...

  • Sharp's Improved II Buffalograss

    Sharp's Improved II Buffalograss


    Sharp's Improved II - Premium Turf-Type Buffalograss one of the first turf type buffalograss varieties with great turf density and leaf color. Widely adapted. Produces quality turf at an attractive price. Uses for Buffalograss Home...