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Sharp Bros. Seed Co. 2018 Alfalfa Brochure -

Sharp Bros. Seed Co. is proud to provide Alfalfa hybrids and a handful of conventional varieties to Plains producers. Hybrid alfalfas with unparalleled vigor, drought tolerance, water use efficiency, tonnage and forage quality. Industry-leading salt tolerance. Branch root growth capabilities providing superior saturated soil performance.

The plant breeders are raising alfalfa to new levels of productivity. Raise your productivity with hybrid alfalfa on your acreage. 

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This item is currently unavailable online, but we would be happy to take your order over the phone (620)398-2231, or you can email us at, and we can give you a call during business hours. Thank you for your patience as we continue to update our new website!



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  • Bison Alfalfa

    Bison Alfalfa

    Sold by the 50 pound bag Bison Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds Bison alfalfa is a blend of premium alfalfa's.    CHARACTERISTICS Fall Dormancy: 3.0-4.0 DISEASES DRI: 28 or better   This item is currently unavailable online, but...

  • Legacy L-450RR (Roundup Ready®)

    Legacy L-450RR (Roundup Ready®)

    Sold by the 50 pound bag L-450RR (Roundup Ready®) Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds L-450RR is a Roundup Ready® alfalfa variety with high forage yield and quality potential. Thus, providing your fields with great weed...

  • Legacy L-602

    Legacy L-602

    Sold by the 50 pound bag L-602 Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds L-602 alfalfa is a full season, high forage yielding alfalfa. This alfalfa is winter hardy and spring and fall frost tolerant.   CHARACTERISTICS Fall Dormancy: 6.0 Root Type:...

  • Legacy L-451APH2+

    Legacy L-451APH2+

    Sold by the 50 pound bag L-451APH2+ Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds L-451APH2+ alfalfa delivers top forage yields on tough soils. This alfalfa also has a strong winter survival and persistence.    CHARACTERISTICS Fall Dormancy: 4.5 Winter...

  • Legacy L-470HD® Legacy L-470HD®

    Legacy L-470HD®

    Sold by the 50 pound bag L-470HD® Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds L-470HD® has an outstanding forage yield with HD® quality. This alfalfa includes the HD® variety for the strongest winter survival.    CHARACTERISTICS Fall...

  • Legacy Regent Salt

    Legacy Regent Salt

    Sold by the 50 pound bag Regent Salt Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds Regent Salt is a salt tolerant alfalfa. It is productive in both saline and high productive soils. Regent Salt is bred with non-GMO genetics.   CHARACTERISTICS Fall Dormancy: 4...

  • Legacy Rangeland Legacy Rangeland

    Legacy Rangeland

    Sold by the 50 pound bag Rangeland Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds Rangeland alfalfa is a high forage yielding alfalfa that is productive under limited rainfall.    CHARACTERISTICS Fall Dormancy: 3.0 Root Type: Tap Winter Survival: 1...

  • Legacy L-457HD®+ Legacy L-457HD®+

    Legacy L-457HD®+

    Sold by the 50 pound bag L-457HD®+ Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds L-457HD®+ Organic Coated Alfalfa from Legacy Seeds "Highly Digestible" alfalfa brings together the combination of outstanding forage yield and forage quality. L-457HD®+ delivers...

  • HybriForce 2600 Alfalfa

    HybriForce 2600 Alfalfa

    Sold by the 50 pound bag   HybriForce 2600 Alfalfa Gen-2 hybrid alfalfa using msSunstra Hybrid Alfalfa Technology Season long productivity to better utilize available soil moisture Spring frost tolerance Excellent drought tolerance Fine...