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Establishing Perennial Species Brochure


Native & Introduced Varieties

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  • Big Bluestem Big Bluestem

    Big Bluestem

    Sold by the PLS pound Big Bluestem will grow almost anywhere, under any conditions. Root systems that can extend up to 12 feet into the ground, give the plant its extraordinary capacity to withstand drought and extremes of temperatures. Growth begins in...

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  • Blue Grama Blue Grama

    Blue Grama

    Sold by the PLS pound Bouteloua gracilis: Blue Grama Grass is a major, warm-season grass found throughout the Great Plains. The plant is fairly short, reaching 10 to 20 inches with narrow basal leaves of 2 to 6 inches. Blue Grama grows in...

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  • Buffalograss (Range Quality)

    Buffalograss (Range Quality)

    Sold by the PLS pound Buffalograss (Buchloe dactyloides)  VARIETIES Sharp's Improved Prime Range Quality Sharp's Improved Range Quality Texoka Primed Range Quality Texoka Range Quality Height: 12-18 InchesSpread: 6-12 InchesUSDA...

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  • Canada Wildrye Canada Wildrye

    Canada Wildrye

    Sold by the PLS pound Canada Wildrye (Elymus canadensis) is a native perennial bunchgrass that grows to 4 feet with erect or arching culms and flat, wide (up to 0.8 inches), waxy green, pointed leaves that grow from the base of the stem to the...

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  • Creeping Foxtail

    Creeping Foxtail

    Sold by the PLS pound Creeping meadow foxtail, Alopecurus ventricosus is a large, long-lived, rhizomatous, sod-forming, perennial grass introduced from Eurasia. Uses Grazing/livestock/pasture: Creeping foxtail is very well suited for pastureland...

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  • Eastern Gamagrass

    Eastern Gamagrass

    Sold by the PLS pound Eastern Gamagrass (Tripsacum Dactyloides) is a native perennial bunchgrass and a distant relative of corn. It is a long-lived (to 50 years), warm-season species native to most of the eastern half of the United States. It...

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  • Little Bluestem Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem

    Sold by the PLS pound Little Bluestem is a valuable summer forage grass in drier areas because of its efficient use of whatever moisture is available. Once established, Little Bluestem requires very little maintenance. Whenever grazing is properly...

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  • Meadow Brome

    Meadow Brome

    Meadow Brome (Bromus biebersteinii) is a little known, cool-season grass that is native to southwestern Asia. Original seeds were collected in Turkey in 1949, and further study was conducted at the Plant Introduction Station in Ames, Iowa. It was...

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  • Orchardgrass Orchardgrass


    Sold by the PLS pound Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata) is a cool season introduced perennial bunchgrass. Plants are 20-48 inches. It is one of the earliest grasses to initiate growth in the spring and makes tremendous growth during cool conditions. It...

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  • Prairie Junegrass

    Prairie Junegrass

    Sold by the PLS pound Prairie junegrass is a native, perennial, cool season tufted bunchgrass found on rangelands, plains and open forestlands. Adaptation Prairie junegrass is cold, heat and drought tolerant and grows on rangeland meadows, plains,...

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  • Prairie Sandreed

    Prairie Sandreed

    Sold by the PLS pound Prairie sandreed is a tall, coarse, stemmy, open, sod forming grass found on sandy soil sites in typically low precipitation zones. Its coarsely fibrous root system augmented by scaly, spreading rhizomes produces an effective sand...

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  • Pubescent Wheatgrass

    Pubescent Wheatgrass

    Sold by the PLS pound Pubescent Wheatgrass is an introduced species of Wheatgrass, brought into the United States from Eurasia in 1934. It is a long-lived, sod-forming, cool-season grass that is closely related to Intermediate Wheatgrass, but is more...

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  • Sand Bluestem Sand Bluestem

    Sand Bluestem

    Sold by the PLS pound Sand Bluestem is a native, warm-season perennial tall grass. It forms a dense sod in the sandy soils in which it is normally found. Growth begins in April with maturity reached in October. It is fairly palatable to livestock, but...

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  • Sand Dropseed

    Sand Dropseed

    Sold by the PLS pound Sand dropseed is a long-lived perennial warm season bunchgrass, native throughout North America. Sand dropseed is extremely drought tolerant and is adapted to sites receiving 7 to 16 inches annual precipitation...

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  • Sand Lovegrass

    Sand Lovegrass

    Sold by the PLS pound Sand lovegrass is a native, warm-season, short-lived, perennial, bunch grass found on sandy soil sites in the central and southern plains states. Grows principally on deep sands and sandy loam soils on sandy prairies and open...

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  • Sideoats Grama Sideoats Grama

    Sideoats Grama

    Sold by the PLS pound Sideoats Grama is a native, warm-season, bunch forming or sod forming perennial grass. Distributed over much of the Midwest and Great Plains, it is an important grass of the prairie and plains states. It grows on well-drained...

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