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  • Indian Blanket (Annual Gaillardia, Firewheel)

    Indian Blanket (Annual Gaillardia, Firewheel)

    Indian Blanketflower is an annual forb that produces coralla red to reddish purple ray petals with a touch of yellow on the tips, during May-Sept. It is the state wildflower of Okalhoma and grows in rock, gravelly, or sandy soil types. Also know as...

  • Lemon Beebalm Purple
Photo Credit: Larry Allain USGS National Wetlands research center

    Lemon Beebalm (Lemon Mint, Lemon Bergamont)

    Lemon Mint, also refered to as Lemon Beebalm or Lemon Bergamont, is an annual native across much of North America. Purple flowers attract large numbers of pollinators. Native Habitat: Prairie, Plains, Meadows, Pastures, Savannahs, Hillsides,...

  • Plains Coreopsis

    Plains Coreopsis

    Plains Coreopsis is a bright annual that flowers from June to Sept. Lots of very showy yellow flowers with red centers are produced on fairly large branched plants. Central disk is brown. Showy Flowers Attracts Butterflies Great in wildflower seed...