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grain-sorghum-flyer.jpgSharp Bros. Seed Co. is proud to provide this lineup of grain sorghum varieties, thoughtfully selected to meet the demands on your farms. Drought resistance, standability, sugarcane aphid tolerance, and yield consistency are just a few of the traits that our new varieties can deliver to your bottom-line. For more info. see your local Sharp Bros. Seed Co. dealer.

Grain Sorghum

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  • SB3117 Grain Sorghum (Milo)

    SB3117 Dryland Early Maturity, 56-59 Day 50%Bloom  Great yields make this early maturity hybrid a great product for short season planting or dual crop operations. Good all-around dryland variety that has short stems for decreased lodging...

  • SB3217 Grain Sorghum (Milo)

    SB3217 Dryland Early Maturity, 58-62 Day 50% Bloom  Medium-early hybrid, food grade sorghum, produces outstanding yields in dryland or with limited irrigation plantings. Works well in double crop areas or late planted dryland or irrigated...

  • SB4117 Grain Sorghum (Milo)

    SB4117 Irrigated Medium Maturity,64-67 Day 50% Bloom Flexible medium-full season hybrid maintains yield in low moisture, and significantly increases yield with abundant moisture. Sugarcane Aphid tolerance, head smut resistance, and tillering...