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Cool Season Grass Mixes

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  • PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix Sharp Bros. Seed Co. PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix
Taken near Ulysses, Kansas, June 2017

    PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix

    Sold by 25 Bulk pounds PM6 is the most popular cool season grazing mix on the central Plains. Presently used on thousands of acres, some stands being decades-old. This blend's broad-based site adaption promotes good grass cover on well-drained...

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  • PM7 - Horse Candy

    PM7 - Horse Candy

    Sold by 25 Bulk pounds Producers have found this hardy mix to be more productive than single species plantings. Best adapted to well-drained dryland soils east of Interstate 35. Highly digestible, high protein forage throughout the season. Due to the...

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  • PM8 - High Plains Pasture Mix

    PM8 - High Plains Pasture Mix

    Sold by 25 Bulk pounds   PM8 has proven its hardiness by surviving the prolonged droughts typical of the High Plains. Best adapted to dryland loam or finer texture well-drained soils west of Interstate 35. Highly digestible, high protein forage...

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  • Saltlander Forage Grass Mix

    Saltlander Forage Grass Mix

    Sold by 15 bulk pounds per acre Dairyland Specialty Mix Saltlander Forage Grass Mix: This mixture of perennial grasses offers good drought tolerance and salt tolerance. Ideal for the semi-arid plains with 10-18” of annual precipitation. Produces...

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  • Stampede Paddock Mix

    Stampede Paddock Mix

    This mix is well-suited for survival where busy stockman can provide only minimal management. It forms a durable grass cover to exclude mud, dust and weeds from paddocks with high stocking rates. Excellent drought tolerance and salinity tolerance. Most...

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  • Tall-Medium Shoreline Mix

    Tall-Medium Shoreline Mix

    Sold by 11 PLS pounds per acre   Tall-Medium Shoreline Mix: This warm and cool season mix of grasses is designed for intermittently wet areas that are prone to short duration flooding. Ideally suited for waterways, shorelines, retention ponds and...

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