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Sharp Bros Seed Co has the seed to create your native spaces for wildlife habitats! sharpseed.comRestore or Create Your Wildlife Shelter/Food Plot

Cultivating a habitat that fosters a well-rounded diet and hardy shelter for your wildlife for years to come may sound daunting, but we have taken some of the guess-work out of the equation. Creating environments likely to attract & keep wildlife is a science.

  • Fast Establishing
  • Promote Animal Nutrition
  • Late Season Cover

Creating a plot is more than just grain and cover. Establishing quality high protein food plots that deer look for in the early stages of antler production, combined with tall vegetation to provide cover and nesting for multiple species are essential to developing habitats you can count on. 

Knowing where animals will be feeding, bedding and nesting is the key to any hunt. Our custom wildlife mixes and supplements will enhance your hunting ground and hunts to create an unforgettable experience.

Picking the Mix that fits your needs; each mix is versatile and benefits numerous types of wildlife. 
Also Available: RAKS Big Game Supplements!Wildlife Brochure

Wildlife Habitats

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  • Bed & Breakfast

    Bed & Breakfast

    Native warm season perennial grasses provide shelter for game bird chicks and bedding habitat for fawns. Forbs and legumes generate insect nutrition for chicks as well as Deer Browse. PERENNIAL MIX CAN BE BROADCASTED EXCELLENT...

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  • Covey Keeper

    Covey Keeper

    Perennial warm season native grasses with forbs and legumes specifically targeting the shelter, cover and nutrition required to expand the quail population. PERENNIAL MIX CAN BE BROADCASTED EXCELLENT DURABILITY Mix Includes:Little...

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  • Deer Browse

    Deer Browse

    A mix of forages to provide diverse, multi seasonal tasty treats that will keep the deer coming back all year long. ANNUAL MIX CAN BE BROADCAST FAST ESTABLISHING Mix Includes:AlfalfaLadino White CloverMedium Red...

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  • Game Keeper

    Game Keeper

    Grain and oil seed combination that will draw upland game birds in late summer and fall. Deer benefit from both forage and seed produced by Game Keeper.  ANNUAL MIX CAN BE BROADCASTED FAST ESTABLISHING Mix Includes:Grain SorghumEarly...

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  • Rak's Buster Big Game Protein Block 33.33# Block

    Rak's Buster Big Game Protein Block 33.33# Block

    The block is a long-lasting substitute for feed. It is a good alternative for those that live a long ways from their hunting spot or in those places where you really want to limit your activity. The block contains the nutrients and protein deer need for...

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  • Wings & Water

    Wings & Water

    Annual mix thrives in lowland and adjoining areas. Provides a variety of seeds/grains for nutrition of ducks and geese. ANNUAL MIX CAN BE BROADCASTED FAST ESTABLISHING Mix Includes:Japanese MilletBuckwheatForage SorghumGrain...

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