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Maximizing Wildlife Food Plots

Maximizing Wildlife Food Plots

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just plant a certain mix of seeds and all the wildlife you would ever want be there forever? The problem is most people think that way without looking at the big picture. Some of the most important things wildlife need are a habitat that they feel very safe to bed down in, a palatable and nutritious food source and close water source. Just eliminating one of the components could really hurt the effectiveness of your plot and reduce your success. 

Habitat can include but not be limited to a mix of short and tall native grasses that produce some short of shelter but also not to thick and tall that there is no escape route. 

A food source is probably the largest and most confusing part of the equation. There are many choices, in every season of the year from wheat, oats, sorghum, corn, soybeans, turnips, radishes, clover and the list goes on. Whatever you plant make sure you take soil samples for fertility and soil ph and plant products that will grow in your climate and soil types! 

The hardest to achieve and most important part is the water component, for some people hauling water is about the only option. When you can put all three of these together your plot has the best opportunity to provide a wealth of wildlife for hunting or just watching for years, but it will take some work and time.

Wildlife Habitats & Food Plots: