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What makes a successful farmer?

What makes a successful farmer?

Is it that he keeps his fields clean of weeds, always has a bumper crop, or livestock that gains well? 

Unfortunately, the farmer seems to be left out of conversations where his input is needed due to the direct impact of the decisions made. 

That's where we find ourselves nowadays, the people who live west of Salina Kansas, the farmers and ranchers that grow most of the crops and livestock that is used for export. 

In Lane County, (according to KDoA) "the estimated impact of Ag, Food, & Food Processing Sectors support 729 jobs or 51.74% of the entire workforce in the county. These sectors provide a total economic contribution of approximately $166.5 million, roughly 195.58% of the economy." 

When someone asks me what it means to be a successful farmer, I look at it as being all of the above. They are the main cog in the center of the big machine that makes all of the other cogs turn. They are the primary employer, producer, and directly affect the economic growth or downfall on a local and regional level. 

If you give it some thought, there is nothing that a farmer doesn't influence in our little part of Kansas, and I am happy to help them with the seed to produce the best crop and feed possible to keep that cog turning. 

Thank a farmer; they do a lot for all of us!