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Animal Nutrition

What is MasterHand Milling Cubes and Pellets? ~ Designed with ranchers in mind, MasterHand Milling Cubes and Pellets offer concentrated, all-natural protein and increased energy to improve the performance of your cows and encourage the superior growth in calves and yearlings. Available in bags, totes, or bulk, our products are highly palatable and more digestible than traditional cubes. These products are made of 100% dried distiller's grains. Completely natural with absolutely no fillers, no molasses, no minerals - just good ol' tried and true distillers grains!
The Technology ~ Using groundbreaking extrusion technology, MasterHand Milling transforms raw distiller grains, a co-product of the ethanol industry, into a high protein, high energy feed with consistent standards you can depend on. Compared to other DDG-based products that are soft and leave behind significant waste, MasterHand Milling's technique produces a compact cube that holds its shape and is ideal for feeding on pasture. Plus, their process breaks down nutrients in the distillers grains, making them more digestible and maximizing nutrient absorption! 

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  • Rack Revolution Magnify

    Rack Revolution Magnify

    Rack Revolution Magnify Are you ready to revolutionize your deer herd? Whether you're looking to improve herd health, grow bigger antlers, or simply attract deer to your stand, MasterHand Milling's Rack Revolution Magnify product offers unique,...

  • 1/4" Creep Feed 1/4" Creep Feed

    1/4" Creep Feed

    1/4" Creep Feed The 1/4" Creep Feed Pellets work well in free-choice feeders and bunks. The pellets are naturally palatable - attracting calves to the feed line, reducing stress, and encouraging efficient bone and muscle development. Call to order!...

  • 1/2" Calf Pellet 1/2" Calf Pellet

    1/2" Calf Pellet

    1/2" Calf Pellet   The 1/2" Calf Pellet is perfect for weaning calves and growing yearlings. The unique combination of high protein and energy with low residual starch safely and effectively encourages growth and promotes herd health. Call to...

  • 7/8" Range Cube 7/8" Range Cube

    7/8" Range Cube

    7/8" Range Cube The 7/8" Range Cube is ideal for open range grazing. Packed with three-times the energy found in corn and large amounts of phosphorous, MasterHand Milling Cubes maximize grass utilization and reduce the need for expensive mineral. Call...