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Graza Grazing Radish

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Graza Grazing Radish

Graza Grazing Radish is bred for maximum grazing production, Fast growing, drought tolerant grazing radish designed to withstand multiple grazing cycles. Exceptional palatability and persistence into the heat of the summer without flowering. Leaves are much larger than standard tillage type radishes, and energy levels are superior to corn or sorghums. 

Acre Rate 10 pounds

  • Minimum/Optimum Germination Temp (F): 40/45-90
  • Maximum/Optimum Seeding Depth (Inches): .75/.25
  • Monoculture Seeding Rate (lbs/acre): 7-10
  • Nutrient Repositioning to Surface: Good-Excellent
  • Timing of Nutrient Release: Fast
  • Durability of Dead Mulch Cover: Very Short
  • Improved Infiltration: Excellent
  • Break-up of Compacted Soil Layers: Excellent
  • Weed Suppression (in cover crop season): Good-Excellent
  • Approximate Seeds per pound*: 50,000


Radishes are not well adapted to wet, poorly-drained soils. Avoid planting them in low spots that collect standing water. Some brassicas have proven difficult to kill with glyphosate, requiring rates of at least 1 quart per acre and possibly multiple applications. It is therefore recommended to add 1 pint per acre of 2,4-D, if possible. Also, radishes are sensitive to a number of herbicide carryovers. Many of the Group 2 herbicides (acetolactate actohydroxy enzyme inhibitors) and the triazine herbicides can have soil residuals that may injure radish seedlings.