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Stop Ripping Off Your Lawn: Turf Tips for Cool Season Grass

Stop Ripping Off Your Lawn: Turf Tips for Cool Season Grass

Discoloring or yellowing in your yard isn't always because of heat stress. 

You could be injuring your lawn with poor maintenance practices! Each year you should make sure your (riding/push) mower has oil, fuel, air in the tires, and sharpened blades. Why? These simple tips can make a huge difference when you are mowing your yard! 


Low tires can cause uneven cutting, resulting is low/high spots. A little air can really give your yard a clean polished look, it also saves you from scalping your lawn!


Don't be dull, mower blades can be removed and sharpened (follow product instructions). This will keep you from ripping the top off of the leaves of grass this summer!


We know cutting the grass a little shorter might add a couple days between mows, but you're just injuring your grass. You should never cut more than 1/3" off the length of your grass, more than that ends up hurting the plant. The higher deck will allow your established grass to shade its roots and retain more moisture in the heat of the day! (see video below for example of "malfunction" of deck height on Emerald III lawn)


If you have the top 3 covered, and your grass still doesn't have a clean cut, you might just be going TOO FAST! Damage can occur when you go over the grass too fast and end up ripping or missing portions of your yard; take it easy, and enjoy your yard work!

However, if you lawn isn't stressed because of the maintenance, and you are in need of guidance in how to move forward in restoring your lawn health, be sure to give us a call at 1-620-398-2231 (M-F 8a-5p Closed for Lunch) or email with your questions!

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