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Unacceptable Units

Appearance - All units returned must have no noticeable change from the time that they were first shipped to the Dealer. Returned units should be indistinguishable from non-shipped units in the SBSC warehouse. Unacceptable changes to appearance include, but are not limited to:

Discoloration of the outer bag Excessive dust, dirt, or other tarnish accumulated on bags Water damage of any degree Punctured bags Rodent/Insect Damage

Varietal Purity- In order to guarantee varietal and trait purity in all products, SBSC will not be able to accept any bags or totes with punctures or any buckhorn seed boxes with a broken seal. For this reason, once a bag has been opened or has sustained puncture damage of any kind, it should be assumed as non-returnable to SBSC.

"Sold Out" Varieties -If, during the sales season, Dealer is notified by SBSC that a specific product is "sold out", Dealer will have 48 hours to declare returns of said product. Returns declared will be available for shipment/pickup no more than one week after declaration.

Undeclared Units - In order to accommodate storage space in our warehouse, SBSC will require advance notice of planned returns from the Dealer no later than September 1st for any Sorghum/Grain Sorghum variety and May 15th for any Corn variety of any given year for the most previous Sales Season. Units not declared to be returned by the above deadlines will not be eligible for return.

Late Returns - Units picked up or delivered as returns to the SBSC warehouse after the above dates of any given year will not be eligible for return credit.

20% Return Stocking Fee on All Returns- All products will have a 20% return stocking fee unless Dealer is enrolled in a promotional sales program.

Approval- All returns will need to have approval from SBSC prior to returning product unless Dealer is enrolled in a specific return program.


After declaration of the return is made final, SBSC will pick-up shipment for the return when we have trucks in the area of the Dealer.

Pallets/Pro Boxes

Return Pallets for credit on account will be picked up at SBSC discretion. This will depend on availability of room on the route truck.

Any questions pertaining to returns of seed should be directed to your SBSC sales representative.


NOTE: Any delays in correspondence are not the responsibility of SBSC. Correspondence must be made to an authorized SBSC representative by the due dates described above an in order to be considered valid. If a request is urgent, please use email or phone to make sure your correspondence reaches SBSC as quickly as possible.