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Silex BMR 540

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Silex BMR 540

Silex BMR 540

Delivers high yields in the field with a fraction of the water requirement of corn. In the feed bunk, Silex BMR 503 delivers milk output for dairymen and rates of grain for beef producers that rivals high quality, high expense corn silage. This hybrid BMR can wait for a late rain or irrigation while remaining healthy. While waiting for silage chopper late in the season, it will remain standing. Medium late maturity, fertile BMR dwarf forage sorghum varieties ideally suited for silage with excellent standability and high grain production.

75-80 days to 50% bloom, hard dough grain development 105 to 110 days after emergence. 6-8 feet tall at maturity. Extremely palatable. Juicy stems, excellent tillering with abundant closely spaced wide long leaves. A new standard for hay or standing hay grazed after frost, in additon to silage. LDP eligible. Bronze grain production. Gene 12/18 BMR position. Concep safener optional Height: 5-7 inches High Tonnage Production Potential w/closely spaced wide leaves Excellent standability, 5 to 6 1/5 feet at maturity Outstanding Fiber digestibility, BMR 6 gene position Juicy Stems Boutiful semi-Compact Bronze Grain, hard dough stage 105 to 115 days after emerge Excellent Tillering & Leaves Drought tolerant

Mature Plant Silage:

Production goals are similar to grain sorghum production goals --- abundant grain production and sturdy stalks that stand through late stages of plant maturity. This is best achieved with a plant population 25% higher than that of grain sorghum population in the same cropping conditions. Either wide row (row crop planter) or narrow row (grain drill) equipment can be effective for these plantings, although narrow row plantings are commonly seeded up to 30% higher populations than are wide row plantings.

Western Dryland 1.5-4 lbs/acre Eastern Dryland/ Irrigated 4-10 lbs/acre