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7/8" Range Cube

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7/8" Range Cube

7/8" Range Cube

The 7/8" Range Cube is ideal for open range grazing. Packed with three-times the energy found in corn and large amounts of phosphorous, MasterHand Milling Cubes maximize grass utilization and reduce the need for expensive mineral.

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Sizes Available

Available in 50# bags or 2000# totes. Bulk Coming Soon!

What is MasterHand Milling Animal Feed?

Produced in a family-owned operation, MasterHand Milling’s dried distillers grains (DDG) cubes, pellets and creep feed were designed for ranchers looking to stretch their grass, balance out nutrient needs on pasture, and improve overall herd health. Using groundbreaking production technology, they transform a co-product of the ethanol industry into a consistent, high protein, high energy feed that carries a standard you can depend on. With absolutely no molasses or other fillers, MasterHand Milling products are double-screened for fewer fines and are more palatable and digestible than traditional supplements. The goal at MasterHand Milling is to provide an environmentally conscious, top quality product that gets results and can Revolutionize the Range.

Guaranteed Nutrient Analysis

  • Crude Protein - 28% minimum
  • Crude Fat - 8% minimum
  • Crude Fiber - 7% maximum
  • Phosphorus - 0.7% minimum
  • Moisture - 13% maximum
  • TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) - 92% minimum 


  • Corn Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles
  • Grain Sorghum Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles