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Hunter Forage Turnip

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Hunter Forage Turnip

Hybrid of Turnip & Rape

Bred for fast establishment, with utilization possible in 45-55 days. Similar to a non-bulb producing turnip, only much leafier with vigorous regrowth and fast recovery from grazing. Has the ability to yield well into the fourth regrowth cycle with adequate moisture. Does well in heavier soils, but prefers more moisture than forage rape.

Acre Rate 10 pounds

  • Minimum/Optimum Germination Temp (F): 40/45-90
  • Maximum/Optimum Seeding Depth (Inches): .75/.25
  • Monoculture Seeding Rate (lbs/acre): 3-4
  • Nutrient Repositioning to Surface: Good-Excellent
  • Timing of Nutrient Release: Fast
  • Durability of Dead Mulch Cover: Very Short
  • Improved Infiltration: Excellent
  • Break-up of Compacted Soil Layers: Excellent
  • Weed Suppression (in cover crop season): Good-Excellent
  • Approximate Seeds per pound*: 170,000