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Hairy Vetch

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Hairy Vetch

Hairy Vetch legume can function as a fall seeded winter annual legume or as a spring seeded cool season annual legume. It is an excellent nitrogen fixer and good forage for haying or grazing. It has vining fine stems, up to 12” long. It will generally survive over the winter in Kansas with occasional winter kill. Winter survivability is enhanced when planted with a companion cereal crop. Good for soil tilth. Hairy Vetch seed may have dormancies as high as 30%. It should be destroyed prior to seed formation in any crop rotation that includes winter annual cereal production such as winter wheat so that it does not become a weed problem. Use pea, vetch, lentil inoculants.

Exceed for Cool Season: Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viceae.

Minimum/Optimum Germination Temperature:
Maximum/Optimum Seeding Depth:
Monoculture Seeding Rate:  
Nutrient Repositioning to Surface:
Timing of Nutrient Release:
Durability of Dead Mulch Cover:
Improved Infiltration:
Break-up of Compacted Soil Layers:
Weed Suppression:
Approximate Seeds: 
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