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Nitrogen is the most critical fertility element for most crops but is the only element that is not released to the soil from the parent minerals. Nature transfers nitrogen from the atmosphere to the soil through rainfall and the symbiotic relationship of legumes with rhizobium bacteria. Each family of legumes requires a specific race of rhizobium which is unlikely to occur naturally in significant numbers within the field where the legume is to be planted. Maximum nitrogen fixation is best achieved when the correct rhizobium inoculant is applied to the seed. Legumes planted as seed mixes should be inoculated at a heavy rate to compensate for the “dilution” of inoculant material on non legume seed. 



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  • Austrian Winter Peas

    Austrian Winter Peas

    Winter annual legume that grows rapidly in cool, moist weather.  Austrian Winter Peas generally survive the winter south of the Kansas/ Oklahoma border with less dependable winter hardiness north of that point. Most often planted in the fall...

  • Common Alfalfa

    Common Alfalfa


    Sold by the Bulk Pound Medicago sativa L., alfalfa, is a long-lived perennial 1egume. Flowers vary in color from purple to yellow and are borne in loose clusters. Pods of alfalfa range from the sickle type to those that are twisted into spirals. Each...

  • Cowpeas


    Cowpea is a summer annual legume requires 65 F or more to germinate. Tolerates drought, heat, and low fertility. Moderate shade tolerance makes it a good companion with sorghum forages. Use inoculant with Bradyrhizobium sp. (Vigna). Exceed for warm...

  • Crimson Clover

    Crimson Clover

    Usually planted as a winter annual legume, crimson clover is a good N scavenger and is capable of fixing 30-60 pounds of N. Prefers cool, moist soils and grows rapidly during cool weather. Can regrow after haying or grazing prior to early bud stage, if...

  • Hairy Vetch

    Hairy Vetch

    Hairy Vetch legume can function as a fall seeded winter annual legume or as a spring seeded cool season annual legume. It is an excellent nitrogen fixer and good forage for haying or grazing. It has vining fine stems, up to 12” long. It will...

  • Medium Red Cover

    Medium Red Cover

    Medium red clover is a short lived perennial legume that thrives wherever corn grows. Good shade tolerance and cool soil germination capability (41 F) make it an excellent companion to grains. It is an aggressive nitrogen fixer, helps suppress weeds and...

  • Yellow Field Pea

    Yellow Field Pea

    Forage Peas are cool season annual legume is a spring growth habit version of the Austrian Winter Pea, similar to the growth pattern of spring wheat as compared to winter wheat. Planted as either a spring or fall seeded cover crop, it will winter kill...