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Sharp Bros. Seed Co. has a rich history of developing top quality forages, the 2018 line-up is no different. Focused on quality seed and forage production, Sharp Bros. Seed has selected products that fit a variety of cattle operations, including dairies. The Sharp family has been producing sorghum seed since 1908.

Today, in addition to our impressive line of Canex and Grazex, we provide the region with top-of-the-line hybrid alfalfa, corn, and an excellent selection of grain sorghum, perfect, for the Great Plains Region.

Recently, our company was chosen as one of five representatives to travel to Sorghum in the 21st Century in Cape Town, South Africa, by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Learn more.

Our warm season grasses and forages for grazing, haying, silage, and grain can be found below.


Our warm season forage and grain are currently unavailable online, but we would be happy to take your order over the phone (620)398-2231, or you can email us at, and we can give you a call during business hours. Thank you for your patience as we continue to update our new website!




Warm Season Forage & Grain

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  • MCT6365 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6365 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6365 3122 EZ-Refuge High yielding bushels and silage tonnage for dominant performance Great grain producer for digestible grain Excellent root package contributes to enhanced stress tolerance Very competitive nutritional qualities delivering top...

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  • MCT6434 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6434 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6434 VIP3111 This hybrid handles heat and drought stress very well Tall, showy hybrid Features Agrisure Viptera 3111 trait, which greatly limits above-ground insect feeding in southern environments Good stay green Semi-Floury Texture Silage Yield:...

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  • MCT6733 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6733 Hybrid Corn

    MCT6733 3000GT Excellent stay green and a great health package Superior plant health gives hybrid great eye appeal True, full season hybrid that provides premium feeding quality Silage Yield: 8Milk Per Ton: 8Sugars: 8Fiber Digestibility: 8Grain Yield:...

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  • PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix Sharp Bros. Seed Co. PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix
Taken near Ulysses, Kansas, June 2017

    PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix

    Sold by 25 Bulk pounds PM6 is the most popular cool season grazing mix on the central Plains. Presently used on thousands of acres, some stands being decades-old. This blend's broad-based site adaption promotes good grass cover on well-drained...

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  • PM7 - Horse Candy

    PM7 - Horse Candy

    Sold by 25 Bulk pounds Producers have found this hardy mix to be more productive than single species plantings. Best adapted to well-drained dryland soils east of Interstate 35. Highly digestible, high protein forage throughout the season. Due to the...

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  • PM8 - High Plains Pasture Mix

    PM8 - High Plains Pasture Mix

    Sold by 25 Bulk pounds   PM8 has proven its hardiness by surviving the prolonged droughts typical of the High Plains. Best adapted to dryland loam or finer texture well-drained soils west of Interstate 35. Highly digestible, high protein forage...

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  • SB3117 Dryland Early Maturity, 56-59 Day 50%Bloom

    SB3117 Dryland Early Maturity, 56-59 Day 50%Bloom

    SB3117 Great yields make this early maturity hybrid a great product for short season planting or dual crop operations. Good all-around dryland variety that has short stems for decreased lodging. Sugarcane Aphid tolerance. Height: 40-47 inches Early...

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  • SB3217 Dryland Early Maturity, 58-62 Day 50% Bloom

    SB3217 Dryland Early Maturity, 58-62 Day 50% Bloom

    SB3217 Medium-early hybrid, food grade sorghum, produces outstanding yields in dryland or with limited irrigation plantings. Works well in double crop areas or late planted dryland or irrigated situations. Produces high density, high bushel weight, good...

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  • SB4117 Irrigated Medium Maturity,64-67 Day 50% Bloom

    SB4117 Irrigated Medium Maturity,64-67 Day 50% Bloom

    SB4117 Flexible medium-full season hybrid maintains yield in low moisture, and significantly increases yield with abundant moisture. Sugarcane Aphid tolerance, head smut resistance, and tillering capacity create a dynamic grain sorghum option. Height:...

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  • Silex BMR 540

    Silex BMR 540

    Silex BMR 540 Delivers high yields in the field with a fraction of the water requirement of corn. In the feed bunk, Silex BMR 503 delivers milk output for dairymen and rates of grain for beef producers that rivals high quality, high expense corn silage...

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  • Teff, Dessie  COATED

    Teff, Dessie COATED

    Teff grass is primarily used for multiple cuttings of dry hay. It is usually planted alone, over seeded into thin alfalfa stands or cool season perennial grass to boost summer hay production. It should be harvested prior to head exertion for best...

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