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Oats - Goliath (Tall Long Season, 8 days later than Jerry)

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Oats - Goliath (Tall Long Season, 8 days later than Jerry)

Sold by the 50 pound bag

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Cool season annual cereal, generally planted in early spring for hay production or grazing. Oats are occasionally planted in the fall for short term grazing. Both winter oats or spring oats, when planted in autumn, will usually winter kill any where north of central Oklahoma and the southern Texas panhandle, leaving standing dry hay. Oats produces high quality hay favored by horses and young cattle. 65 pounds per acre are frequently used for early plantings, late February through early March on western dryland. As much as 100 pounds per acre may be used for later plantings, the last 1/2 of March through early April, or on eastern dryland and irrigated.