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Silage Corn Field Day | 8.14.18

Silage Corn Field Day

Hosted by
Sharp Bros. Seed Co. & Masters Choice

Why Choose Floury Grain?

50% More Starch

Results show physically softer corn has a greater starch digestion. Floury grain allows more starch to breakdown in the rumen, giving the animal a greater feed efficiency.

22 Plots, 1 result = Increased Yields

The nutritional benefits don't mean much without the strong yields and quality agronomics. 22 replicated plots across the country, Masters Choice hybrids showed a significant advantage in both grain and silage yield.

Passage Rates

Studies show that soft, floury grain drastically reduces the amount of undigested material being passed out of the rumen, allowing for more nutrient absorption.

Slump Buster

Masters Choice floury hybrids reached 75% starch availability after only 28 days from harvest. Beat the "fall slump".

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9 a.m. - 11 p.m.
August 14, 2018

East of S. County Rd 18 on East Plymell Rd.
Garden City, Kansas

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Experts say

"Over the past decade, Masters Choice has done extensive product testing. This gives us the confidence to place hybrids based on knowledge of what we've seed in specific environments and conditions."

Kyle Vosburgh,
Masters Choice
Head Research Agronomist will be on-hand to answer any Hybrid Corn Questions!