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Trical Gainer 154 Awned (Bearded) Early Maturity

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Trical Gainer 154 Awned (Bearded) Early Maturity


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Sold by the 50 pound bag, 2000 pound tote, or bulk

TriCal Gainer 154

  • Awned (bearded)
  • Early maturity
  • Short plant height
  • Good straw strength
  • Very good winter-hardiness
  • Tolerant of rust
  • Prostrate fall growth habit
  • Good fall seedling vigor
  • High silage yields
  • Good silage quality
  • Adapted throughout the great plains


TriCal Triticale for Southern Plains

There’s a TriCal to fit your area! Consult Sharp Bros. Seed Co. to find what’s best for you.

Cultural Practices:

TriCal Triticale requires no change in equipment, land preparation or other cultural practices commonly used for other cereal crops.


Meets or Exceeds Quality of other traditional cereal forages.

University studies confirm that TriCal triticale:

  • Is more efficient at uptake of nitrogen per ton of silage than is corn.
  • Produces more pounds of milk per ton of dry matter than does corn silage.
  • Is highly palatable as a grazing forage resource and as a source of silage varies from good to excellent for digestibility, crude protein and other measures of forage quality.


TriCal Triticale is the “cereal of choice” for forage needs…grazing, silage or hay.
2015 Research data from the Great Plains show that TriCal Triticale grazing potential was 118% of barley and 155% of wheat. Triticale consistently out-performs wheat and barley for silage and forage. 

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