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Medium Wildflower Mix

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Medium Wildflower Mix

Sold by the PLS pound

Cowgirl's Delight wildflower mix is a blend of native wildflowers designed to provide blooms through the seasons. Beautiful way to provide food sources for wildlife and pollinators. 

Planting Rate: 

With Grass: 1-2 pounds per acre
Without Grass: 5-7 pounds per acre

Mix Includes:
Showy Partridge Pea
Clasping Coneflower
Indian Blanket
Plains Coreopsis
Blackeyed Susan
Illinois Bundleflower
Greyhead Prairie Coneflower
Upright Prairie Coneflower
Purple Prairie Clover

Sharp Brothers Seed offers a large number of individual varieties of wildflower seeds as well as regional mixes, specialty mixes and custom blends.

Height: 6-20 Inches