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Tall Grass Mix - Sandy Soil

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Tall Grass Mix - Sandy Soil

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Sold by 5 PLS pounds per acre 

Tall Grass Mix - Sandy Soil: A diverse mix of native warm season grasses that resembles the tall grass prairie of the Great Plains. This mix ranges in height from 4”-60” and is a great mix for wildlife or grazing livestock. The grass species included are adapted to a broad geographic range and are all tolerant to extremes of heat, cold and drought. : Similar to the Tall Grass Mix Hardland Soil, this native warm season mix includes Sand Bluestem and is a good option in sandy soils and where tall vegetation is desired. Planting Rate: 5 pls pounds per acre.

In the Mix:
Little Bluestem
Blue Grama
Sideoats Grama
Big Bluestem
Yellow Indiangrass
Sand Bluestem