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Sharp Bros. Seed Co. 2018 Alfalfa Brochure - sharpseed.comSharp Bros. Seed Co. 2018 Milo-Corn Brochure - sharpseed.comSharp Bros. Seed Co. 2018 Forages Brochure - sharpseed.comSharp Bros. Seed Co. 2018 Cover Crop Brochure - sharpseed.comQuality forage and grain seed from Sharp Bros. Seed Co., includes our knowledge of best growing practices when it comes to your operation. We have been in business for 60 years and can help you find the right fit, not just an easy fit, for your production.

Our Forages & Grains are currently unavailable online, but we would be happy to take your order over the phone (620)398-2231, or you can email us at, and we can give you a call during business hours. Thank you for your patience as we continue to update our new website!

Forages & Grains

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  • Wheat - Oakley CL

    Wheat - Oakley CL

    Sold by the 50 pound bagpallet discount This Kansas Wheat Alliance variety is a single-gene Clearfield, hard red wheat with genetic resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus (WSM2 gene carrier). Oakley CL has a medium long coleoptile, very good...

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  • Wheat - SY Monument

    Wheat - SY Monument

    Sold by the 50 pound bagpallet discount SY Monument is a hard red winter wheat bred and developed by Syngenta Seeds, Inc. SY Monument is the result of a cross made in 2003 by Syngenta Seeds, Inc. in Junction City, KS. SY Monument was selected for...

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  • Wheat - Tam 114

    Wheat - Tam 114

    Sold by the 50 pound bagpallet discount TAM 114 is a hard red winter wheat variety developed by Texas A & M University and licensed to AGSECO in 2014. TAM 114 has much better leaf disease resistance than either TAM 111 or TAM 112 and is also rated...

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  • Wheat Cropper Mix - Grazing/Haying/Cover

    Sharp Bros. standardized targeted cover crop mixes are designed based on the complimentary traits of the varieties below, and the season you're planting in.  Mix Includes:25lbs Cowpeas5lbs Sorghum/Sudangrass2lbs Radish1lb Turnip1lb Rape Plant...

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  • Winfred Forage Rape

    Winfred Forage Rape

    Rape = Hybrid of Turnip & Kail The most versatile brassica, suitable for a wide range of soil fertility and environmental conditions. Early maturing, extremely drought tolerant and suitable for grazing 45-60 days after seeding. Excellent frost...

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  • Yellow Field Pea

    Forage Peas are cool season annual legume is a spring growth habit version of the Austrian Winter Pea, similar to the growth pattern of spring wheat as compared to winter wheat. Planted as either a spring or fall seeded cover crop, it will winter kill...

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