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Sharp Bros. Seed Co. Native & Introduced GrassesSharp Bros. Seed Co. produces seed for many of the native grass, forb and legume species that are part of the natural landscape from the Atlantic Seaboard, westward through the Rocky Mountains and Great Basin.

Establishing Perennial Species from seed in temperate climates

We specialize in providing many genotypes of these species to best fit the many environments, soil types and establishment conditions that occur throughout this massive geographic area. Nature’s answer to the need for drought tolerance, flooding, soil stabilization and livestock forage are found in the warehouses of Sharp Bros. Seed Co. Healy, Kansas.

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In business since 1958, Sharp Bros. Seed Co. applies decades of experience and an industry leading processing facility in the demanding, specialized work of growing, harvesting, drying and conditioning these native seeds. Their administrative staff provides thorough documentation to meet the needs of conservationists, ranchers and engineers. The Sharp Bros. Seed sales staff has decades of native species experience, including soil stabilization and conservation, seedling establishment, wildlife habitat and pasture establishment. Sharp Bros. Seed Co. is ready to meet your needs for quality seed and quality advice. 

If you aren't sure what type of grass will fit your needs best, give us a call! We can create a specialty mix that fits your needs!

Native Grass

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  • PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix

    PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix


    Select Quantity (Number of Acres) You're PlantingSold by 25 Bulk pounds PM6 is the most popular cool season grazing mix on the central Plains. Presently used on thousands of acres, some stands being decades-old. This blend's broad-based site...

  • Sharp Bros. Seed Co.'s PM7- Horse Candy Mix has been specially created to produce a hardy forage. Typically irrigated in Western Kansas.

    PM7 - Horse Candy


      Select Quantity (Number of Acres) You're PlantingSold by 25 Bulk pounds Producers have found this hardy mix to be more productive than single species plantings. Best adapted to well-drained dryland soils east of Interstate 35. Highly digestible,...

  • PM8 - High Plains Pasture Mix

    PM8 - High Plains Pasture Mix


    Select Quantity (Number of Acres) You're PlantingSold by 25 Bulk pounds PM8 has proven its hardiness by surviving the prolonged droughts typical of the High Plains. Best adapted to dryland loam or finer texture well-drained soils west of Interstate 35...

  • Prairie Junegrass

    Prairie Junegrass

    Sold by the PLS pound Prairie junegrass is a native, perennial, cool season tufted bunchgrass found on rangelands, plains and open forestlands. Adaptation Prairie junegrass is cold, heat and drought tolerant and grows on rangeland meadows, plains,...

  • Prairie Sandreed

    Prairie Sandreed

    Sold by the PLS pound Prairie sandreed is a tall, coarse, stemmy, open, sod forming grass found on sandy soil sites in typically low precipitation zones. Its coarsely fibrous root system augmented by scaly, spreading rhizomes produces an effective sand...

  • Premium Cover Mix - Sandy Soil

    Premium Cover Mix - Sandy Soil


    Select Quantity (Number of Acres) You're PlantingSold by 5.0 PLS pounds per acre Premium Cover Sandy Soil Mix a mix of grasses designed to stabilize sandy soils and stop wind and water erosion.  This mix contains species that are well...

  • Pubescent Wheatgrass

    Pubescent Wheatgrass

    Sold by the PLS pound Pubescent Wheatgrass is an introduced species of Wheatgrass, brought into the United States from Eurasia in 1934. It is a long-lived, sod-forming, cool-season grass that is closely related to Intermediate Wheatgrass, but is more...

  • Sand Bluestem Sand Bluestem

    Sand Bluestem

    Sold by the PLS pound Sand Bluestem, Andropogon hallii is a native, warm-season perennial tall grass. It forms a dense sod in the sandy soils in which it is normally found. Growth begins in April with maturity reached in October. It is fairly...

  • Sand Dropseed

    Sand Dropseed

    Sold by the PLS pound Sand dropseed is a long-lived perennial warm season bunchgrass, native throughout North America. Sand dropseed is extremely drought tolerant and is adapted to sites receiving 7 to 16 inches annual precipitation...

  • Sand Lovegrass

    Sand Lovegrass

    Sold by the PLS pound Sand Lovegrass, Eragrostis trichodes is a native, warm-season, short-lived, perennial, bunch grass found on sandy soil sites in the central and southern plains states. Grows principally on deep sands and sandy loam soils on...

  • Short Grass Mix - Sandy or Hardland Soils

    Short Grass Mix - Sandy or Hardland Soils


    Select Quantity (Number of Acres) You're PlantingSold by 4.5 PLS pounds per acre  Short Grass Sandy or Hardland Mix this mix of native warm season grasses is indicative of the short grass prairie of the western Great Plains.  The...

  • Sideoats Grama Sideoats Grama

    Sideoats Grama

    Sold by the PLS pound Sideoats Grama is a native, warm-season, bunch forming or sod forming perennial grass. Distributed over much of the Midwest and Great Plains, it is an important grass of the prairie and plains states. It grows on well-drained...

  • Smooth Brome VNS Smooth Brome VNS

    Smooth Brome VNS

    Sold by the BULK pound Botanical Name: Bromus inermisCultivars: Lincoln, Manchar, VNS Smooth Brome, Bromus inermis is a major, cool-season, long-lived, perennial, sod-forming grass which reproduces from seed and spreads by creeping rhizomes...

  • Stampede Paddock Mix

    Stampede Paddock Mix


    This mix is well-suited for survival where busy stockman can provide only minimal management. It forms a durable grass cover to exclude mud, dust and weeds from paddocks with high stocking rates. Excellent drought tolerance and salinity tolerance. Most...

  • Switchgrass Switchgrass


    Sold by the PLS pound  Botanical Name: Panicum virgatumCultivars: Alamo, Blackwell, Cave-in-Rock, Kanlow, Nebraska 28, Shelter, Trailblazer, NativeHeight: 36-48 inches  Switchgrass is a native, perennial, warm-season, sod-forming...